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Niek Meijer

05 April 1994

As a musician with a wide range of knowledge on percussion playing, Niek has been playing in several bands and formations for a while now. Studying a wide range of percussive instruments, varying from drums to marimba, he is favored on playing light, Latin-based percussion like the congas, bongos, timbales and other small percussion. He gained knowledge about the music-theory and history, and plays a lot of different styles, including pop, jazz and fusion styles, and even classical music, which makes his employability diverse.

He finished his percussion-study (Jazz and Pop) at the Artez Conservatory, with minors in piano, drums and classical percussion in 2018.

He had a classical percussion background at the local music school as well, which brought him into the local harmonic scene and orchestras, he also played in the Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (JON) for two years and in the Dutch Student Orchestra (NSO).

Since a short while he produces a lot of music, mostly for his own project: Dawn of a New World. He tries to combine electronic music with cinematic and percussive influences.

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Searching for lessons? I am available for giving lessons as well! Besides my work at musicschools I also offer private lessons to those interested, unregarding your age, interests or level.

In my teaching practice I can use my knowledge to serve a wide range of musical subjects, which is good for the student who wants to know a specific thing, as well as the student who doesn’t know this yet or wants to broaden his view. I do not only keep my experience to myself, but I can share this with others.

I am very flexible in my lesson content, the wishes of the student is central to my teaching. What can be offered for example:

• Percussion lessons
• Drum lessons
• Classical percussion lessons
• General music theory help
• Lessons in musicproduction

For practical information, questions or special requests, just contact me!


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